Student Work / Group Projects

With a campus in the center of Hollywood, Gnomon has the unique ability to pair students with current working professionals on Group Projects. These projects build the students' production skills while they gain practical experience in a collaborative environment.

  • White Swan

    Directed by Sil Van der Woerd, Gnomon Artist Resident

    Project Description: In the depths of a dark machinery world lies Lolly Jane Blue, exhausted, soaked. As she starts to sing of escaping her situation a mesmerizing world unfolds. View project page

  • Warren Buffet Short

    Directed by Tefft Smith II, Visual Effects Artist

    Project Description: The project was created as the intro to the Annual Investors Meeting for Berkshire Hathaway.View project page

  • Lucky

    Directed by the Chiodo Bros, Stop-Motion Animators

    Project Description: This is the end-result of a one-term course designed by Gnomon School of Visual Effects and the Chiodo Brothers for Gnomon's animation students. View project page

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